Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cherry Poprocks Cuff

poprocks cuff

WOW! Was just informed by Lee Dorsey from Color Me Conscious that she has featured my POP ROCKS cuff on her Cuff Mate blog! :) Thank you Lee for the special feature and the colorful article! It is much appreciated!

Here is the article...

Salut Cuffies,
At first glance, I couldn't quite figure this cuff out. So I took a second glance --- AND a look-see at the description (hehehe) --- and it all came together. San Fransisco designer/dancer, Liza of CBLadornments, created this expressive and modern looker using a technique she invented herself. Combining different textures of resin with other materials, her work simulates "captured motion". This particular piece reminds me of a bubbly cauldron of cherry flavored lava! Hand forged and encased in tin, recycled glass components add an eco-friendly touch. As grown and cosmopolitan as a "Cape Cod" (aka. Grey Goose and Cranberry juice) and the Manhattan skyline, this cuff deserves every bit of its double-take.



  1. I love love LOVE your blog!! so cute and fun. You are very creative. I enjoy your posts. I'm a graphic designer and love having that creative outlet as well. I just wanted to say hi and say how much I adore your blog.
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    Have a great day!

  2. Thank you so much Melissa! I super appreciate your wonderful comment! I will definitely checkout your blog!

    Take care!